Why Truckplanner

Truckplanner is your ALL-IN-ONE application for effectively managing transport orders, dispatch vehicles, plan routes and invoice customers. The cloud based platform allows you to get started right away, no installation, no expensive consultants and no upfront costs!



Kenn Sonne, Transport to and from Bornholm

Kenn Sonne, a local transport company from the island of Bornholm in Denmark, were in need of an application that could effectively support their core business processes related to transport of goods to the island and distribution of these.
Mattias Sonne, Transport Manager:
“We have been in dialogue with several IT companies about a solution that would fit our business. Common for all of them was the high upfront investment in software, consultants and some extend of custom development. This is a big step for a small transport company and with a high risk of failure. Truckplanner was the only solution where we could sign up and get started immediatly. We have taken a huge technological step forward and done so with a minimum of effort and virtually no risk.”