Truckplanner gives you all the features you need to operate your transport business smooth and effectively. Get started for free and build your business. Upgrade to Professional and add the extra functionality and modules you need.

Create transport orders and assign to vehicles
Calendarview of vehicles and scheduled orders
Drag and drop planning of orders to schedule
Print transport documents (CMR, Waybill, Driver instruction etc.)
Email order information and transport documents
1-way communication with android mobile app
Trace driver GPS positions from android mobile
Create invoices based on orders
Ready made webform to your webpage for customer orders
Create unlimited number of vehicles Limit of 3 vehicles
Multi user system Limit of 1 user
Integration to e-conomic ERP
Open developer API for integration
Webbooking for customer orders and track&trace Add on module
2-way communication with mobile driver app Add on module
LCL / Charteque planning of orders to trailers Add on module
Price tables for advanced invoicing based on zones and volumes Add on module
Routeplanning for calculation of distances and optimization Add on module
GPS Tracking / Fleet management Add on module
Possibility to customize solution to your business needs
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Looking for a feature that is not on the list? We have many other functions so if you are in doubt, just send an email to our support department and we will give you the answer quickly. Or better yet, just order Truckplanner Professional and try it. If you are not satisfied within the first 14 days you just cancel the contract and no fees are paid.