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Truckplanner is a cloud based Transport Management System (TMS) designed to face the many challenges in your daily work as a transport planner. Read more about the possibilites and choose the right solution and modules for your company.

FTL and Linehaul

Efficient planning of Full Truck Loads (FTL) and Linehaul. Managing and communicating easily with your fleet of vehicles.

FTL and Linehaul

Complete overview of all loads in the calendar scehduling view allowing you to plan and re-plan using drag and drop between trucks, trailers and drivers.
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Easy planning of orders going in transit between multiple terminals. Planned by different departments and transported on multiple vehicles.


New legs/splits are automatically created for orders when transit terminals are added to the planning. Allowing for other departments to handle and optimize the next leg in the transshipment of the order.
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LTL and partloads

The complex process of fitting all the puzzles when planning Less Truck Loads (LTL) is easily done using Truckplanner.

LTL and Partloads

Fast creation of orders, planning on vehicles and print of transportdocuments. Send orders to the drivers app for sign-on-glass / POD for making invoicing easy and faster recieve of payment.
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5000+ Trucks are planned every day using Truckplanner

Getting started is easy

Everything is in the cloud, so getting started is easy. Simply find the Truckplanner package that best suits your business. Give us a call, use the chat or book a demo using the contact form on this page and we wil

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Truckplanner integrates to systems you may already be using. This means that with Truckplanner you optimize your workflow even more and achieve better ROI on both Truckplanner and your existing applications. This will save you time and money.

Optimize workflow with the driver APP

With the driver app the orders are instantly transferred to the driver and orders are updated with live data from drivers.

Truckplanner flådestyring app

FAQ - Truck Planning Software

Our truck planning software solution is a comprehensive platform that enables transport companies to plan, schedule, and manage transport orders. It also includes a driver app, web booking with track & trace and easy invoicing of orders.

The driver app allows drivers to receive orders, communicate with the company and customers, and collect electronic signatures. It also enables drivers to update the status of an order and add notes or comments.

The driver app streamlines the delivery process by instantly transferring orders to the driver and updating orders with live data from drivers. This helps to reduce delays and ensure that deliveries are made efficiently. Also, the software uses algorithms to optimize routes and schedules based on various factors such as distance, delivery times, and vehicle capacity. This helps to ensure that deliveries are made efficiently and on time.

For dispatchers working with distribution, Truckplanner makes it easy to plan both local and Europe-wide distribution, with multiple terminal transshipments and unloading/loading of trucks and trailers. Split orders can be planned individually by different departments, but only generate one customer billing, ensuring a streamlined billing process.

Yes, the software includes a range of other features that can help streamline the delivery process, including navigation tools, barcode scanning, and time registration. These features can help drivers stay on schedule and reduce errors in the delivery process.

The sign on glass feature allows drivers to collect digital signatures from customers using their smartphones or tablets. This eliminates the need for paper forms and helps to speed up the delivery process.

Yes, Truckplanner is designed to optimize the business processes in small and medium-sized transport companies, including those working with FTL and linehaul. The calendar planner is a versatile tool that allows dispatchers to plan and track daily progress, making it an indispensable every day tool.

Yes, our software includes features that enable easy planning of LTL and partload shipments. The planning puzzle is easily laid out with Truckplanner trip planning, allowing dispatchers to filter on multiple orders, match zones, cargo types, dimensions, and dates, and drag/drop multiple orders to trips.

We encourage interested businesses to book a demo to see our software in action and receive a personalized quote. Our team will walk you through the features and answer any questions you may have about pricing and implementation. Our pricing varies depending on the size and needs of your business. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to fit your specific requirements. Please contact us to schedule a demo and receive a quote.

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