Truckplanner TMS for all transport companies

Truckplanner features

FTL and Linehaul

Truckplanner is designed to optimize the business processes in small and medium sized transport companies. For the dispatcher working with FTL and Line haul the calendar planner will quickly become your best friend and an indespensable every day tool for all of your planning as well as making it easy to follow the daily progress.


For the dispatchers working with distribution Truckplanner will make it easy to plan both local distribution as well as Europe wide distribution with multiple terminal transshipments and unloading/loading of trucks and trailers. Everything is handled smoothly with split orders that all can be planned individually by different departments, but only generate one customer billing.

LTL and partloads

The planning puzzle is easily laid out with Truckplanner trip planning. Filtering on multiple orders, matching zones, cargo types, dimensions and dates and drag/drop multiple orders to trips. You can even re-plan and have the planning dynamically updated based on actual deliveries from the drivers app.

Optimize workflow with the driver APP

With the driver app the orders are instantly transferred to the driver and orders are updated with live data from drivers.


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